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We help making space for new.

repair thermoforming plastic machines

Sell Machines & Equipment

Make the most out of unused resources.

You are abadoning a production line? You need space for new equipment?

Mega Plast is interested in buying machines and equipment you don't need anymore.

We know the market, we know its prices, we can make a fair offer.

transport thermoforming machine

Install & Transport your machine

Need help Transporting?

Our Technicians are experienced in transporting and installing various types of machines and equipment.

Don't worry about logistics - We know the most efficient and safe ways and have the equipment needed for a fast & easy transport.

Our Process

Over 8000+ Business-Partners.


You send your description and pictures of the machine.


We evaluate the information and plan the best transport.


We send our offer together with our recommended way to transport.

Ready to make space for new?

Please send us relevant information and some comprehensive pictures of the machines you would like to sell. In case the machine matches our portfolio we will make you a fair offer.

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