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CNC Machines

Experience top-tier quality, versatility, and efficiency with cutting-edge 5-axis technology. Michelangelo represents the pinnacle of next-generation 5-axis machining centers, meticulously engineered to work with the most advanced materials including composites, special resins, plastics, aluminum, lightweight alloys, and wood.

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CNC machines play a pivotal role in the automotive sector, crafting resin and aluminum molds, sculpting style models, refining plastic components, and fabricating carbon and composite elements.


In the medical field, CNC machines are employed to manufacture prosthetics for human joints.


Within the aerospace sector, CNC machines are instrumental in machining structural components, including wings, bulkheads, undercarriage systems, engine parts, and interior components.


In the marine industry, CNC machines are employed for a wide range of machining tasks, from shaping and trimming hulls to working on the smallest fiberglass and composite components.
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