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Thermoforming machine - Gebrauchte Kunststoffverarbeitungsmaschinen aus Europa.

- Second hand plastic processing machinery from Europe.

ILLIG RDM 37/10, ILLIG RDM 63/10, ILLIG 63/10b, ILLIG RDM 63/15, ILLIG RDM 42/3, ILLIG RDM 45/3, ILLIG RDM 58/3, ILLIG RDM 50K, ILLIG RDM 70K, ILLIG RDM 70Kb, ILLIG RDM 75K, ILLIG RDK 54, ILLIG RDK 80, ILLIG RDKP 54, ILLIG RDKP 72c, ILLIG RDKP 72D, ILLIG RD 53, ILLIG RV 53, ILLIG RV 53b, ILLIG RV 74, ILLIG UA 100 EDH, ILLIG UA 150, ILLIG UA 200 EDH, ILLIG UA 225 ED BE, ILLIG UA 250, ILLIG UA 300 BE PR-C, ILLIG SB 53, ILLIG SB 74D, ILLIG TS 100, ILLIG TS 150, ILLIG VHW 72/2, ILLIG VHW 72/4, ILLIG VHW 90/1, ILLIG VHW 91/2, ILLIG RS 65, ILLIG RS 75, ILLIG ZSM 90, ILLIG BAG 50, Gabler D 450, Gabler D 550, Gabler D 600, Gabler DP 450, Gabler DP 550, Gabler F 400, Gabler F 505, Gabler F 742, Gabler F 743, Gabler SWING, Gabler M90, Gabler M91, Gabler Varius, Gabler M98, Kiefel KMD 100 BFS, Kiefel KL1SH 52, Kiefel KL2SH 52, Kiefel BFS 52, Kiefel KMD 75, Geiss DU 1650x1300 T3, GEISS DU 2800 T7, GEISS 2500 T7, CMR BR/3 2216, TFT, TFT FC 780, AMUT, OMV, John Brown, Sencorp, any many other.

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 -  Off-set Druckmaschinen. Für Kunststoff Becher und Deckel, Rund und Rechteckigen.

 - Off-Set Cup and Lid printing machines. For round and square Plastic cups and lids, such:

Polytype BDM 350, Polytype BDM 450, Polytype BDM 611, Polytype BDM 301/R, Polytype DDM 150, Van Dam 560, Van Dam 560 XL, Van Dam 470, Van Dam 580, Omso DM 55, Omso DM 155, Omso DM 185, Omso Primac 155, Omso Keycup any others.

- Extruder

 - Flachfolien Extrusionsanlagen Ein- oder Mehrschicht für Tiefziehfolien aus PS, PP, ABS, PVC, PET usw.

 - Flat foil Extrusion lines Monolayer or Multilayer for Thermoforming film to produce roll material from PS, PP, ABS, PVC, PET ect. From companys like:

Reifenhauser, Kuhne, Battenfeld, Diamat, Amut, Kiefel, Cincinnati-Milacron, Breyer, Coperion Werner & Pfeiderer, Davis-Standart, DPM, Dolci, ER-MA-FA, Erema, Leistritz, MEAF, Omipa, OMV, Union, Windmoller & Holscher, Welex, ect.

- Available used machines /  Gebrauchte Maschinen