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 - You can see pictures and video of the machinery we can offer you.

Hier können Sie Bilder und Videos von unsere Angebotenen Maschinen.


Suitable for ILLIG RDM 50K, ILLIG RDM 70K, Gabler M90, M91, M92.


Follow the video of above line in dry cycle test for our customer.
The complete Line is SOLD.


Demonstration production of the machine for our customer before shipment.
Machine is SOLD.


Follow is the video of one printing machine for round cups. We dismantled and transport the machine to our store in Germany. At the moment we have start with the rebuilding and look for a customer who needs a complete reconditioned dry offset cup printing machine in excellent condition. 


Video of ILLIG RDM 50K - SOLD and installed to customers production place.
On this video you can see a test run of the machine together with the 75 mm cup mould for our customer.


the following video is of one machine we receive directly from production place.
Machine comes for complete rebuilding on our workshop. We install a complete NEW Control Cabinet with Siemens S7 PLC and Siemens Touch Screen.
Delivered to customer at July 2013

Pictures of NEW panel


ILLIG RDM 63/15b

The following machine produced for Dune in Sweden till we dismantled and move to our store in Germany. On the video you can see the production of plates. For this product the machine was running in-line with one Trim Press.

Booth equipment are available and can be inspected any time in our store.

Follow a the video of one Gabler D 600. Machine is SOLD

Last update: Apr. 2010

The following machine was installed in our store in Germany for testing the moulds of the customer. After the successfully test - SOLD, but we still have another one very similar. The machine produce in Scandinavia and is in excellent condition.


OMV In-Line for the production of 1Mil. Drinking cups per day.
Sold to USA !!!!